Thursday, 8 January 2009


Flicking through the new issue of i-D on the train this afternoon and I saw an advert for wannabesociety - at first glance a clothing / accessory company, but with 10 Commandments...

The 10 Commandments of wannabesociety T-shirts

1. Be aware of the the power of the message
2. Be brave. The more courage - the more fun!
3. Think twice before you wear it:
A/ about the audience
B/ for what occasion
4. Don't underestimate your audience
5. Take it easy. Be relaxed.
6. Do not explain. Let people think.
7. The t-shirt should be clean.
8. Don't think of it as fashion.
9. Wear it at your own risk.
10. Set the 10th commandment yourself.

I've looked them up and it seems that you suggest a word that you 'want to be' and then it gets printed on a tee or any of their other accessories. There seem's to be a massive following worldwide, and after the mass of comments about Boxie 't-spoke' T-shirts on BNTL a few weeks ago, I wondered what people thought about wannabesociety?

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