Sunday, 4 January 2009


Sunday's are always pretty lazy, but today I took a stroll into town, and during my usual stop at the WHSmith library I came across a new magazine:

"wuw magazine is the smart little compact mag for the arts! Whatever u want (wuw) is a new lifestyle mag for people with vision, based in Brighton and ye'old London Town.

With pages full of Fashion, Graphics Illustration, Music, Fine Art, Photography and Politics. wuwmag sets itself apart from the standard magazine, by creating a new perspective on lifestyle and culture and giving people the opportunity to showcase their work to the masses! wuwmag is cram packed with innovative ideas and information. It seduces the eye and satisfies the mind."

This second issue has some nice features, an interview with Mumdance, Monsta Squad, and the piece that really caught my eye about the 'Flexible Love' Chair. Designed by a Taiwanese college student, it can seat up to 16 people !! More information at

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Monsta Squad Sale...

Tee's from £5 !!


nothingfunner said...

that chairs awersome! i think i noticed that mag too actually, did it have an interview with tapedeck in it??

justin whole sick said...

i only skimmed through it - might have had a tapedeck interview. gonna pick up a copy tomorrow.